What does CSA stand for?

Community Supported Agriculture

How does a CSA work?

You sign up and pay for your CSA before the harvest season begins.  During the CSA season, you will received a pre-packed box of fresh, local fruits and vegetables each week.  

How long is your CSA season?

Our CSA season runs for 22 weeks from late May through late October.  This year we are offering an Extend the Season add-on that will allow you to extend your CSA season for 4 weeks through November.  

What is the cost of your CSA?

Full-Share (4-5 people) - $450

Half-Share (2 people) - $250

What add-ons are available through your CSA?

We offer 4 add-ons with our CSA. Costs can be seen on the CSA application.  

  1. Fresh Flower Bouquet - this add-on runs for 10 week (July through mid-September).  The flower are grown on our farm!
  2. Jarred good - this add-on runs for 22 weeks.  You receive a different add-on each week.  Examples include:  honey, jams, salsas, barbeque sauce, pickles, relish, etc.
  3. Double Fruit - this add-on runs for 22 weeks.  You will receive double the fruit in your box each week.  This is available for both full- and half-shares.  
  4. Extend the Season - this add-on runs for 4 weeks after the regular 22 week season ends.  It is available for both full- and half shares.